Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Software Engineering

In order to get best solutions, one must invest in each phase of the software lifecycle.

Golden Solutions software engineering methods have proven to generate effective and efficient software development process. From planning the SW project (methods, tools…) all the way to software verification, we will give you the tools for handling correctly and efficiently software planning, software configuration management (SCM), but also software verification and requirements management as they are in the core of each solution.

Golden Solutions can walk you through software development process model, Iterative & incremental process with CMMI or Agile process, according to your preference.

By improving your software engineering methods, you will smooth release cycles, improve the quality of your deliveries, and reduce risks.

Persona↓Training Plan→ Software Project Planning Software Configuration Management Requirements Management Software Verification
System/Integration Engineers + + + +
SW Engineers + + + +
Testing Specialists + + + +
Project Managers + + + +
R&D Managers + + + +
SQA and Test Managers + + + +

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