Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Product Life Cycle

From Product Management to Product Development

Golden Solutions provides expertise in defining the processes related to product management, starting with requirement elicitation and management, traceability till requirement validation and competition.

Golden Solution works closely with product managers and other stakeholders to implement processes and tools, if needed, in the various aspects of the Product Life.

Product Definition – Requirement Elicitation – a thoughtful process needs to take place to elicit the right requirements as this is going to influence your product solution and eventually your place in the market. Golden Solutions brings theory as well as practice of many years in various industry and product types that will get you going fast and effectively.

Requirements Management: The essence of Requirements Management process is traceability. Requirements traceability is performed by mapping requirements between two levels, i.e., product features definition and R&D technical specifications.  It allows systematic analysis of requirements compliance, discovering inconsistencies between the different levels of the requirements and the requirement gaps.

The RM traceability scheme is the backbone of the product development process, starting from marketing values allocated and traces, to system technical specification needed for development.

Golden Solution has successfully implemented full RM traceability from Marketing Product Features to Development code, but also section of the whole chain according to the company’s specifics. More details can be given upon request.

Requirement Validation

What are the ’right’ requirements? How do we verify that the requirements are right or correct, and what is the reference for that verification? How can you analyze the impact of a requirement change? Choosing the right requirements is critical and errors can be very costly. Requirement validation deals with such questions, enabling you to ensure that you have chosen the right requirements.

Here again, Golden Solutions brings expertise in methods and tools to make your business most efficient.

Collaborative Design – One last potential PLM initiative is reducing time to market by improving the effectiveness of the development process. Some of the potential projects above will likely reduce new product introduction lead-times because projects can be completed more quickly when they are run efficiently and when they are not competing with too many other projects.

Competition – The methods and tool implemented can easily enable you to track the features of your competitors. In a similar way to the one you are tracing your own features, what makes it to your version and what is not, you can trace competitor’s products and features for a better business intelligence and effective roadmap.