Wednesday, January 17th, 2018


As the leader in customized enterprise development process solutions, Golden Solutions specializes exclusively in requirements and configuration management practices, providing our clients with a range of services including project assistance, training and curriculum development and methodology consulting all with the goal of achieving superior delivery results on development projects.

It is this foundation that allows Golden Solutions to repeatedly create and deliver customized and tailored programs and solutions for our clients. And more than just customized solutions, we understand the common barriers to success faced by most organizations and we place tremendous value on applied learning and practice.

Golden Solutions ensures that new processes and roles are implemented throughout your company management, keeping your organizational structure intact and your key personnel in the driver’s seat.

We continue a dynamic, interactive relationship with your firm until the desired solution is in place and producing the desired return on investment.


About Requirement Engineering

“Leah’s a true professional. Her expertise in system & software engineering, specifically in requirements engineering provided tremendous added value to the organization. I enjoyed our brainstorming sessions, collaborative design & internal positioning work. Always refreshing and out-of-the-box.”  (Comverse, System Engineer, 1999)

About Product Life Cycle

“Leah is an undisputed professional and expert in the realm of Requirements Management and Process Development. She has unwavering patience in working with people and manages with her great personality to motivate everyone involved in the adoption process, even the hardcore objectors. I had the privilege of working with Leah in developing and implementing process methodologies and requirements management in my division. Leah is definitely a great asset to have on anyone’s team with a proven return-on-investment record.” (NICE Systems, VP Operations, Intelligence Solutions division, Security Group, 2004)

“Leah has that rare combination of possessing technological insight, together with organizational and business understanding. Leah has the ability to see the organization requirements and its constrains on the one hand, and, on the other hand, she has also has an excellent understanding of the relevant products and technologies. Leah is effective, thorough and professional, paying attention to risks and getting the most of her team and the work done.” (NICE Systems, R&D Group Manager, Storage and Infrastructure, 2005)

About Training

“Thank you for the course – it was very interesting and I really learned a lot.”

“It was really worthwhile to do the course, I feel more confident in doing my job better”

“Very enjoyable! I learned new terms for old tasks and new techniques for old tasks.”

“Good to be in a course where the instructor had been there, done that, obviously knew her subject” – (Amdocs 2005 - Requirements Gathering/Elicitation Training)

“An excellent, well planed course. I enjoyed it and it has given me an interest in improving the way we work. THANKS” (Amdocs 2005- Requirements Validation Training)

“Overall useful & enjoyable course (InOtherWords, 2007- Requirements Management Training)”