Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Values and Principles

Golden Solutions is focused on delivering customer satisfaction. We strive to make it easy for you to work with us. We are committed to the highest ethical and professional conduct and abide by a disciplined code of conduct.

Our guiding principle is to ensure that the process is simple, easy to understand, and easily applied by the various company stakeholders. The process needs to be meaningful, understandable and business centric so that our mutual business client is supported and successful.

In this pursuit of excellence, we rely on benchmarking, measurement, and a proactive approach to continually improve our processes and provide rapid, error-free delivery of our services and products at a competitive cost. Known for high quality implementations, Golden Solutions is unique in the depth of business knowledge and experience of its consultants.

Golden Solutions offers the following services:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Definition of Process & Methodology
  • Methodology Implementation (assimilation)
  • Pilot Projects
  • Tailored Consulting Projects
  • Training

Needs Assessment

The purpose of analyzing the current development processes is to identify development process patterns, deadlocks, and development management strengths. While analyzing the current development processes, we will identify what and which places are best candidates for implementing process improvement activities. The analysis will involve interviews with different roles in the organization, along with specific stakeholders that will be identified in-house.

The feedback and recommendation results will be based on CMMI methodology and will serve as basis for defining specific goals for process improvements, and establishing the process action plan.

Process & Methodology

We offer to assist you in analyzing and defining the required development process till its implementation.

Golden Solutions handles many types of development processes such as Requirement Management (RM) or Configuration Management (CM) or other development process.

Below a few examples of our consulting activities (to keep the list short we have focused on Requirement Management):

  • Analyzing the required RM process with regards to different stakeholders.
  • Analyzing the RM components with regards to requirements gathering and analysis.
  • Definition of RM deliverables via tool infrastructure
  • Process implementation consulting with regards to process assimilation and tool infrastructure deployment.

Implementation Methodology

Golden Solutions ensures that new processes and roles are implemented throughout your company management, keeping your organizational structure intact and your key personnel in the driver’s seat.

We not only stay in close consultation with key personnel until a custom-tailored process is created that meets your company’s needs, but we continue a dynamic, interactive relationship with your firm until that solution is in place and producing the desired results.

Golden Solutions is able to step in at any stage of a development project. Our renowned team upgrades software tools and operations procedures to increase re-use potential and meet “bottom-line” goals: cost-effectiveness, increased productivity and higher profits.

Pilots Projects

We can assist you in running pilots in any of our expertise field. Based on the pilot’s results, Golden Solutions will assist you in establishing the required methodology and infrastructure, defining stakeholders’ responsibilities and ownership.

Example of a Pilot Project in Requirements Management (RM)

Golden Solutions meets with a System Engineering representative in order to learn the organization RM practices and evaluate the supporting tool infrastructure.

The pilot involves 3 main activities:

  • analysis of current practice
  • initial definition of the required RM process,
  • tool evaluation

Based on the pilot’s results, Golden Solutions will assist in establishing the required RM methodology and infrastructure, including: Product Management and System Engineering processes, RM deliverables via tool infrastructure, and RM stakeholders’ responsibilities and ownership.

Tailored Projects

Golden Solution Consultants can be engaged for as short as 1-4 week engagements to facilitate project scoping or lead, coach or mentor your team through the full requirements process – to define, analyze, model, validate and manage the complete and detailed requirements for your project.

Under the direction of software engineer, manager, instructor and consultant Dr. Leah Goldin (Senior Member and Chair of IEEE Computer Society, Israel), Golden Solutions sets up Modeling and Pilot Programs for planned process implementation, together with creating any infrastructure needed to support the Pilots, including CASE tools.

Golden Solutions will also set up a program to educate and coach key personnel in all fields on how to utilize the finished process and track its effectiveness for themselves.

Golden Solutions offers a broad spectrum of services to define and manage the requirements of your business. Project engagements involve requirements facilitation, analysis, modeling, producing business and software requirements specs and managing requirements through the product or software development life cycle.