Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Partners and Tools

Golden Solutions’ partners include the leading industry players in the area of requirements elicitation, documentation, management and the broader area of application lifecycle management.  For its clients, Golden Solutions is an advisor that can assist with tool selection and implementation, an expert user that can provide skilled resources on projects, and often a training partner that combines our ability to train analysts with detailed product-specific training curriculum.

Partners of Golden Solutions include tools vendors (e.g. IBM/Rational, IBM/Doors), Industry Association (e.g. Agile Alliance, IEEE Computer Society, IEEE, Iltam), Research Entities e.g. Utrecht (European scientist)

Below a partial list of tools – Links are also provided to open source tools.

Golden Solution can help you chose the tool that is best fitted to your needs. We believe that processes are the most important and we can implement your needed process with tools you already have or chose and implement the one that will most serve your needs.

Requirement Management (RM)

Requirement Analysis

Configuration Control

Open directory:

Version control

For an exhaustive list of proprietary and open source tools, check Wikipedia:

Bug Tracking

For an exhaustive list, check Wikipedia:

Test Management

Product Life Cycle (PDM)

Project Planning

  • VSTS – Visual Studio Team System (Microsoft)