Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

About Us

Firms that succeed in today’s competitive, fast-paced markets are doing more than just “managing” to stay in business. Through comprehensive tracking and oversight of the engineering process they are able to achieve visibility, identify emerging trends, define the necessary requirements for exploiting them, and move in new directions with new products and favorable ROI.

Golden Solutions teams up with the best experts in their field, according to specific project needs.

Mission Statement

Golden Solutions provides world-class enterprise-wide solutions to help clients achieve their business and software development objectives. We champion the position that: accurate and clear definition of true requirements is a key success factor in achieving superior delivery results.

The Gartner Group states, “A proven, effective, real world approach to Business Requirements Analysis is one of the most significant factors in ensuring the success of any system development project. A defined and consistent method that is easily learned and easily applied leads directly to increased IS productivity and reduced systems development and maintenance costs.“ Golden Solutions is committed to its leadership role in this domain and is a continuous improvement organization.

Project Approach

The Golden Key: Engineered Guidance to Achieve Peak Efficiency

Ensuring every process is optimally tailored to suit customer requirements and able to step in at any stage of a development project, our renowned team upgrades software tools and operations procedures to increase re-use potential and meet “bottom-line” goals: cost-effectiveness, increased productivity and higher profits.

Best known for its expertise in the vital field of Requirements Engineering,

Golden Solutions ensures that new processes and roles are implemented throughout your company management, keeping your organizational structure intact and your key personnel in the driver’s seat. We not only stay in close consultation with key personnel until a custom-tailored process is created that meets your company’s needs, but we continue ad dynamic, interactive relationship with your firm until that solution is in place and producing the desired results.

The Golden Rule:  Total Solutions from Theory to Practice

Under the direction of software engineer, manager, instructor and consultant Dr. Leah Goldin (Senior Member and Chair of IEEE Computer Society, Israel), Golden Solutions sets up Modeling and Pilot Programs for planned processes implementation, together with creating any infrastructure needed to support the Pilots, including CASE tools.

Golden Solutions will also set up a program to educate and coach key personnel in all fields an how to utilize the finished process and track its effectiveness for themselves.

The Golden Result: Golden Software Lifecycle Solutions

All processes are demonstrable and transparent, designed for complete and customized implementation with easy adjustment to ongoing feedback. We help you to move from a reactive to a proactive approach – from simply coping with results of past decisions, to harnessing your present situation and taking control of your future.